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Army Painter Fanatic Paint Range

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18ml dropper bottles pre-loaded with mixing balls.

Acrylics (£3.00 ea.)
162 easy-to-use, high-quality acrylic paints with unsurpassed coverage and intense pigmentation. Set in a premium resin base with proprietary stabilisers so you can thin it down to extreme levels while retaining pigment dispersion.

Washes (£3.20 ea.)
Create perfect shading effects and colour toning on your miniatures. The Fanatic Washes’ unique flow properties target the recesses of your miniatures and deliver excellent shading and contrast, bringing all details into sharp focus.

Metallics (£3.20 ea.)
Metallic paints with a proprietary Al-crylic formulation (a combination of both aluminium and mica flakes) that gives you the industry’s absolute best sheen and coverage. The Metallic paints mix effortlessly with each other, so you can create any Metallic paint you need.

Effects (£3.20 ea.)
Add effects to your miniatures in an easy and fun way and take your paint project to the next level. Use the Effects paints to enhance your theme and narrative by adding gory elements, realistic rust, or a simple glow to a lens, power weapon, or magical conjuring!